New update : version 0.6.53

Hi everyone,
An update of the game is scheduled for today once again focusing on the visual aspect and bug fixes.

Visual changes:

Reorganization of the main menu, options buttons, game profile change, credits and exit were moved to the top right of the screen. Their designs have also been adjusted.
The profile creation screen has been modified to make it more ordered by grouping all the same side of the screen.
Some improvements have been made on the screen of the samples that really need it, we can now view the information of the life forms contained in the selected sample.
The design of the galaxy has been modified to include the various stars in the game according to their luminosity and colours.
The Star selected by default is no longer located at the other side of the galaxy but within the ship's travel limit.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Several bugs when deleting a game profile, the game no longer chooses an incomplete profile and no longer crashes after launching.
Fixed characters incompatible with the new writing font on the credit screen.

Thank you for playing and have some fun !



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Dec 11, 2017

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If you have issue launching the game using app, please move the file .itch.toml in the same folder as Launcher.exe.