Update V0.2.5

a lot of changes were made the last days and the game it's getting out of it's prototype phase !

Here's the list of this update changes :

- Added game version on the main menu
- Added quit and options button to the main menu
- Fixed weapon upgrade text grayed when armor upgrade cost was superior to player's money
- Fixed incorrect first enemies after cloning
- Erased unused files
- Changed how stats enemies are generated
- Player restart at the previous world - stage after reloading game
- Changed loading screen
- Added a different sprite for idle and attack for the hero
- Increased text size on upgrade buttons
- Increased reward when killing a boss ( 10 times )
- Added 200 new enemies
- Changed UI layout
- Increased loots text size
- Added text to explain the return button
- Hero's stats and money are no longer hidden during cloning
- Cloning time was increase to 5 seconds instead of 2.5 seconds
- Attack delay was reduce to 0.75 second instead of 1 second
- Disabled display of number of time hero died and killed enemies
- Enemies stats are now hidden when enemies is dead
- Removed damage display on enemies when enemies is dead
- Removed damage display on hero when hero is dead
- Added gold gain upon enemies death
- Reduced time for next enemies to spawn to 1 second instead of 3 seconds
- Fixed enemies been healed after reloading game
- Removed hero's HP when cloning
- Code clean up
- Added number of elements loaded in the log file
- Fixed loading background not been scale to fit screen
- Fixed World - Stage display after enemies death
- Hero's level define world were she respawn, every 10 level it increase by one world
- Increased "Click to continue" text's size
- Get back button now kill the player correctly, respawning at the good level with delay
- For test purpose, the s key enable you to switch between normal and 2 times game speed
- Deleted duplicated files and old unused folder, reducing archive size

[EDIT] Hotfix :

- Fixed cloning button not working well
- The player can no longer by pass a boss by leveling up, respawn will never be higher than the best world reached


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Version 13 Apr 19, 2019

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