Update V0.4

Mad Run version 0.4

- Added 2 skills, Heal and Critical damage :     
    At hero's level 5 you unlock Heal will give you about 10% hp + 1, cooldown is 30 seconds
    At hero's level 10 you unlock Critical deal 2 times more damage than a regular attack + 1, cooldown is 1 minute
    Cooldowns are not reset on hero's death
- Added keyboard control:     
    key a increase attack
    key d increase defense
    key r to respawn and gather loots
    key 1 activate heal skill
    key 2 activated critical hit skill
- Removed unused options button, options, as it don't serve any purpose yet
- Fixed play/pause sound button not working on the main menu
- Changed how intro, death tuto are drawn, plus added support for specific background
- Fixed StarGame Engine not cleaning correctly new textures managers ( prevent potential memory leaks )
- Updated intro with some new backgrounds to be more themed with text
- Added icon after autosave, last 2 seconds on the bottom right corner
- Made some changes to be able to localize easily the game
- Translate game in french
    with known some issues, é à è ç and such does show up well so I've used a e c instead, creating a lots of typo
    Temporary, to switch language you need to use Fr instead of Eng in Settings.ini, later an ingame menu will do this.
- Last changes are now included with the game in LastChanges.txt file ( this file ! )
- Fixed some minors bugs
- Many tweaks and changes in the code that won't be seen for users as it's still work as usual but make things easier for me :
    Parts of the code is stable and reusable enough and to be move inside the game engine code
    Most redundant things use a function instead of the bad old copy/paste
    Greatly improve code readability, makes things way easier, faster and safer for me


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Version 28 Apr 22, 2019

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