Update V0.3.2

Changes :

- Changed how enemies, backgrounds, heroes and bosses are loaded ( using a generated list of files instead of numbers )
- Added 474 new monsters, there is now a total of 795 different kind of enemies
- Updated StarGame Engine
- Some minor changes and tweaks

About the new loading system, the game folder now contain Install.bat that is run by the program only if you set NeedSetup to true inside Settings.ini. The game will need to run it one time then it should never do it except after updates.
If any xxxList.dat file is missing, the game will run it to prevent crash. You can use it if you want to add or remove some content too.

There is no harm to turn it on, and it will be switched to off after the game run it once, just time lost during loading process.

The .bat files can be dangerous and if you have any doubt, I advise you to right click and select modify before run any of them.
I've included links where I've found some part of the code for a better understanding of what it does and why it's harmless to run it.


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Version 24 Apr 21, 2019

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