Friday's Update 4

Friday's update 4

Next updates will occur on Saturday, read more on the forum :

Still another unstable update but playable ( few features are bugged )

Visual updates :

- The city have lights at night, light are on the roads.

- "Game Over" screen have been changed.

Simulation updates :

- Climate has been adjusted mostly on crater impact.
- Winds cause erosion and can move the ground.
- Tectonic plates effect have been adjusted.
- Maximum temperature is set to 10.000°C.
- Maximum wind speed set to 2000km/h.
- Changed how clouds move.
- Clouds density have been reduced.
- Crater generator have been changed to produce a bigger variety of craters.
- Planet's internal temperature have been corrected.
- Terraforming items that are Mk III tier are much more powerful in temperature changing.
- Impacts from asteroids create shock waves

[ Colours are related to wind direction and colours intensity to wind speed ]


A God's Job - 0.6.4 - 4 ( Test only, not stable realese ).zip 57 MB
Sep 15, 2017

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